Branded content

Audio Branded content is a strategy focused on creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract and retain an audience. This can include articles, with the objective of generating interest in products or services without a direct sale.

In the case of our radio, it is a news or article of about 200 words or its equivalent of less than 1 minute and 15 seconds with concepts that are easy to understand for the listener where an item or a service of your company is described.

It is inserted in the radio programming during peak listening hours.

What are the peak radio listening hours?

Peak listening hours on DABclassic can vary depending on the day of the week and the demographics of the target audience. However, in general, peak listening hours tend to be during peak traffic hours, i.e. in the morning around 7am to 9am and in the evening around 4pm to 7pm, when people are on their commute to and from work or school.

It is important to keep in mind that these hours may vary in different regions and also depend on the type of program and audience the radio station is targeting.


DABclassic can be listened to in 3 ways :

  • With a DAB digital radio in Madrid (3,286,662 inhabitants) and Seville (688,592 inhabitants). DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting, which in Spanish translates as digital audio broadcasting.
  • Mobile application ( + 1,000 downloads)
  • Web

Visual communication

In DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) radio as in the DABclassic app, a “slideshow” is a feature that allows images and text to be displayed on the screen of a DAB receiver during the playback of audio content, providing additional information related to the current broadcast, such as images, titles, announcements or data of interest. This visual complement enriches the listener’s experience by providing relevant visual details along with the sound.

We are international

Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, United States…

What is the broadcasting duration?

It depends on the nature of a news item. We recommend a monthly dissemination and changing news every 15 days or every month to reach good results for your company. Short-term content marketing strategies are not usually effective.


Obtaining highly targeted traffic: Thanks to sponsored articles, we ensure that the people who arrive through this news or article are interested in what they have heard, obtaining higher purchase ratios per visit than those obtained through search engine searches.

How to contract an ad?

Contact the sales representative responsible for your province to make you a commercial offer.

Quality of the wording

Our team of journalists can help your company to write content if you wish. This is a service that is budgeted separately from the broadcasting.